Invinet Sistemes
Invinet Sistemes S.L

» Why Invinet?

Know-how: We collaborate in the main standardization forums, both european and international. We know the current e-business standards framework and the tendencies for the coming years.

Cost: We have developed low-cost solutions, services and products. We share the benefits of e-business with our customers. From our free e-invoicing service to complex and direct peer-to-peer EDI solutions without transactional cost.

Catalogue: We have a complete catalogue of products and services that resolve most of your needs. From web portals to integration systems connecting to national and international networks such as PEPPOL.

Reliability: We work with a qualified and specialized team of IT engineers that offer a first level service to our institutional and large customers. We control the quality of our service.

» Intended for

Multi-sector: Our solutions are suitable for any type of company, despite its size or industry sector.

Professionals: Our free e-invoicing platform is intended for on-boarding professionals and SMEs into the e-business without any cost.

Small companies: Our premium version of the portal allows them using advanced features such as connections to national and international networks. They can also integrate from their ERP systems from our partners.

Large companies: All integration features from our B2BRouter to create secure channels over the internet, with fix costs and automatic monitoring, can be integrated with most ERP systems. Eases format transformation.