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» Do I need to adapt my ERP system to use B2BRouter?

An e-business solution goal is to allow the integration both when sending and receiving electronic documents to/from your ERP system. In this sense it is necessary to adapt your ERP system to use B2BRouter, however there are several ERP systems such as Microsoft Dynamics NAV that already have an adapter. If there is no adapter, the ERP provider or your system integrator can develop easily as it can be done with a simple file sharing.

» Do my customers and providers have to use the same type of ERP to be able to use B2BRouter?

No, it is not required to use the same type of ERP. Neither to use the B2BRouter at both ends. Your customers and providers can be everywhere in Internet, your B2BRouter will reach and deliver them your electronic documents.

» How are documents sent through B2BRouter?

B2BRouter uses all the power of Internet to send electronic documents, it can implement any standard transport protocol to connect with your trader partners, from electronic mail to web services, or other specific protocols like FTP, ebMS or AS2.

» How B2BRouter improves the communication between my company and my customers and/or providers?

Your company now has high technology and your costs will be drastically reduced. If we establish inbound channels to allow incoming electronic documents, we will streghten the relationship with customers and providers, building strong relations based on efficiency and very difficult to overcome.

» What technical support do I have with B2BRouter?

The B2BRouter maintenance service ensures that your solution runs in optimal conditions of operation. In case of incidence, B2BRouter team reaches you to fix any issue.

» Are the issued invoices legal?

Obviously, the electronic invoices issued using B2BRouter can be signed fulfilling legal requirements on the electronic invoices in certain countries.

» Is B2BRouter reliable?

With B2BRouter you decide where you want your electronic invoices to be. You can backup them in your own systems, you can send them to your agent systems or you can use third party services to get them backed up.

» Where is B2BRouter installed?

B2BRouter Enterprise installed on your own servers.

B2BRouter Windows installed on any Windows with Internet access.

» May I use office tools like Word or Exel with B2BRouter?

Yes, apart from integration with ERP systems, you can also use artifacts created using MS Word or Excel to generate documents and exchange them with your customers and providers.

» Do I need a big volume of invoices to use B2BRouter?

No, you can start using our free e-invoicing portal without any cost. From there, there are several plans that will suit your needs.

» B2BRouter is a unique solution?

B2BRouter is unique in its approach since the concept of intermediate platform disappears. With B2BRouter, the user has the ability to decide if he wants to use the network of an intermediary or prefers to establish direct communications peer-to-peer.

» Do I have to pay for every submission done with B2BRouter?

No, B2BRouter adapts to your needs. Our goal is to increase your traffic, therefore there are only transaccion fees when there is an incurred cost.

» With B2BRouter where are my electronic documents?

With B2BRouter you decide where you want your electronic documents to be. You can preserve them in your own systems, you can send them to your agent systems or you can use third party services for the custody of documents.

» How does it work the electronic signature with B2BRouter?

B2BRouter can sign with two types of signature, XADES EPPES or XADES XL. You can sign XML or PDF documents. The certificate can be a certificate based in software or a certificate stored in a safe device.