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Invinet Sistemes

We work with the more relevant european and international e-business projects.

Collaborate in the CEN and EC developing standardization projects such as CEN BII, CEN GITB or SEMIC.

We run a PEPPOL Access Point. The PanEuropean infrastructure to support the electronic procurement data interchange.

Participation in International Standardization Organizations such as OASIS or UN/CEFACT. Volunteering to technical committees such as UBL or BDXR.

We have developed e-tendering projects for the Spanish Ministry of Economics, e-invoicing projects among others.

If you are considering automating the purchasing and selling process to improve the efficiency of your business, Invinet has the experience and competence in order to provide you the best support.

Invite your IT service provider to contact us in order to support them in the analysis and design phases of your new procurement process.



We are OASIS members since 2004, participating actively in the technical committees of UBL TC, SOA RM and ebXML TC.



We participate in the CEN/ISSS WS BII helping in the definition of profiles to allow automatic exchange of electronic documents when doing public procurement.



We run one of the first PEPPOL Access Points and SMP to connect to the PEPPOL network to exchange documents with the main European governments.



Invinet Sistemes is a company associated to Document Engineering Services, international initiative to help adopting standards for electronic exchange of documents.