Invinet Sistemes
Invinet Sistemes S.L

» Who can become a Partner

  • ERP integrators.
  • B2B aware consultants.
  • B2B application developers.
Who can become a Partner

» Invinet Support

  • Help the Partner in Pre-ordering.
  • Design of the B2B solution B2B for the customer.
  • During the Project, integration with B2BRouter.
  • Training.
  • Maintenance, support and update services.

» Advantages for the Partners

Becoming a partner you can access directly to the required knowledge and expertise to attain successful projects of e-Business.

» It improves your offer

Incorporating B2BRouter, we are adding value to our partner's portfolio with reliable B2B solutions.

» More competitiveness

A robust solution, flexible and affordable cost for all type of companies.

» Innovative

Invinet works together with his Partners in their projects providing expertise and information.

» Customers

Invinet uses his Partner network for the development of B2B projects, focusing on the integration of B2BRouter and sharing develpment benefits.