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PEPPOL, the Pan-European Public Procurement OnLine, facilites electronic communication among European companies and government institutions.

You can receive orders and send invoices through the PEPPOL IT infrastructure using the services of our B2BRouter AP.

B2BRouter AP is a cheap and efficient way to access the PEPPOL infrastructure.

Connect to B2BRouter AP, connect to PEPPOL and improve your competitiveness in Europe.

» Invinet Proposal

» B2BRouter Windows access

With a light Windows client, you can have an immediate access to the PEPPOL Network. One day intallation and setup.

» SMP Registration for reception

Register your reception capabilities in our SMP and start receiving electronic documents from your partners.

» Send and Receive PEPPOL BIS

B2BRouter AP can send and receive any PEPPOL BIS and the new PEPPOL BIS2.

» Send and Receive EDI

B2BRouter AP can also send and receive other type of payload such as EDIFACT messages.

» More about PEPPOL


» Success stories

  • Advania a telecommunications company from Iceland uses B2BRouter to send and receive to/from PEPPOL.
  • Novus Bio a UK company uses the portal to send invoices to Sweden though PEPPOL

» B2BRouter features

Here You can find the most important features. for any other questions send us an email.