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» B2BRouter solutions

The B2BRouter suite allows you to automate processes like publishing catalogs, entering orders, invoicing or payments.

» B2B Business

B2BRouter is easy and quick to integrate (2 weeks aprox) and ensures immediate return on investment. You can integrate B2B Business with two different ways:


E-invoicing Portal with a free version that allows to send electronic invoices to email users. It has a premium service that allows to use all the B2BRouter alternative submission mechanisms. You can register for free in the portal

B2BRouter is a system that allows:

B2BRouter can be easily integrated with any ERP in the market, with third party platforms (financial services, public administration...) or it can be executed as a cloud service.

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» B2Brouter Architecture

The modular architecture of B2BRouter is based on three fundamental components: Connectors, Channels and Services.

» Connectors

e-Business solutions must communicate IT applications on your company with applications of your customers and/or providers. B2BRouter provides all required connectors and mappers to allow the communication of your application using any different format and the most used transport IP protocols.

» Channels

The electronic relationships with your customers and/or providers are heterogeneous. B2BRouter is a middleware that uses adapters and plugins to do two main functions:

  • Pipe the electronic documents generated by your ERP application in the format and channel of transport expected by the receiver.
  • Consolidates and validates the received documents before integrating them in your ERP application.

» Services

Evolving formats of electronic documents and different systems of transport force a maintenance and update system. B2BRouter services guarantees the availability of adapters and plugins and offers support to ensure the optimum performance of the middleware.

» B2BRouter Features

B2BRouter is a new concept in the electronic exchange of documents, leveraging bilateral communications, peer-to-peer, and 4-corner model connections to reduce your costs. The goal is to achieve mass adoption of e-business making it affordable for any type of enterprise.

» Universal

B2BRouter is based in national and international standards. It allows to establish electronic relationships with companies of any type, sector and geographic location.

It can be used for any business process, from the electronic invoicing to the logistical management, orders, payments, etc.

» Independent

Solution based in the best products of the market. The modular architecture of B2BRouter allows to adapt the solution to evolution and emerging services, products and needs.

» Economic

Leverages peer-to-peer communications Without cost per transaction. The global fixed cost of the solution depends on the services required.

» Reliable

The built-in service of monitoring and management guarantees the operation of the exchange system. The cryptographic technologies and the electronic signature ensure confidentiality, integrity and authenticity of origin.